Gü Dopran can be very proud. With ELREM’s support Gü became 1 in 1,000. Only 1 in 1,000 Innovate UK applications are awarded and the good people at Innovate UK saw fit to award Signlync with a marvellous opportunity to alter the BSL Interpreter/ Deaf user landscape. Signlync is creating an app that will revolutionise the industry. Signlync will empower the Deaf Community to take control of their own support.

Hermon & Heroda Berhane – Founders, BEING HER

The most recent addition to the ELREM family is the Berhane twins. Hermon and Heroda have had many barriers to overcome in life but they do so with such passion, pride and character that the camera loves them for it. BEING HER is a sibling concept Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blog that is literally going viral. America loves them, we love them and we're pretty sure soon enough you’ll love them too! ELREM has helped Hermon and Heroda professionalise their business, and we are not finished yet. 

Levent Marasli – Freelance Photographer

Levent Marasli is currently completing his Teacher of Deaf Degree whilst undertaking a photographic project to highlight fellow Deaf achievers. Levent wants to take stunning portraiture and add a story to each picture. The project is called Access all Areas and ELREM will be supporting Levent every step of the way. The event is scheduled for International Week of the Deaf 2018. Find out more about this event

Our clients are flourishing and we are proud of them all! Ask yourself what ELREM can do for you..

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