We take Deaf freelancers or business owners and propel them into the hearing world with passion, knowledge and confidence.

ELREM is here to help. We want to make you an independent, confident business owner that sees no boundaries, just opportunities. 

We offer Business Communication Consultancy and full Access to Work support. 

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ELREM gave me the belief to challenge my boundaries, both professionally and personally” Gü Dopran



“Being Deaf isn’t a barrier, it’s an opportunity. ELREM has helped us live this theory” Hermi & Heroda Berhane

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“I want to highlight Deaf achievers and show the World that the Deaf Community has so much to offer” Levent Marasli


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"Communication is everything when Deaf and Hearing worlds meet."



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“We want to remain a boutique agency, that way, we can give our clients the attention they deserve” 

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We can arrange a Skype session so you can communicate in British Sign Language, Sign Supported English or Spoken English

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