Sleigh Bells Jingling, Ring Tingle Tingling Too


As the sleigh bells have faded into the distance and the mistletoe safely tucked away for another year, we wanted to do a small review. 2018 was a great year for ELREM as our first tentative steps out into the world were greeted with genuine enthusiasm and good will. Any success we achieve is built upon the fantastic clients we have! Without the hard work, inspiration and plenty of arguments, we can not help our clients achieve the small steps which lead to the giant gains, we all want.


The Access All Areas photography exhibition was an absolute home run! It was extremely difficult and fraught with tension in the build up but the rewards and new connections made were truly amazing.

The Being Her girls go from strength to strength, more followers, bigger and better collaborations and plenty of smiles. From the outside people only ever see the good times but inside the ropes you feel the frustration and the stagnation. Patience is a virtue in this ‘century of self’ that usually brings rewards. Keep doing the right things and success will follow…

Signlync, our cornerstone, the reason ELREM began is a slow burner and often goes quiet for periods of time but rest assured we are like ducks on a pond. Calm on the top and furiously paddling underneath. We hope to have some exciting news for you in February or March, so hold onto your hats because once it happens you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without it!

Finally, just before Christmas India Morse came back from her year long travels and adventures in Australasia. India Morse or better known as YouLeanMeUp is an Instagram sensation in the Wellness and Nutrition Industry. She is fighting for better inclusion in the fitness Industry, being deaf has many barriers but the fitness industry is severely lacking in any understanding or willingness to adapt. Beware, India is coming, she won’t accept sorry excuses, you will be named and shamed.


Enough of the past, let’s look forward… As old lang syne becomes a memory and the dread of actually fulfilling those drunken New Year resolutions begins to hit home, rest assured we’ve got you covered! Access All Areas is coming back bigger and better than before, if you can just make it through the dark and depressing February we will have updates about the exciting Access All Areas project which will be hitting amazing locations in London and including new people to see, to taste and to touch.

Watch out for Signlync rubbing noses with the multi-national conglomerates of this world (Gü Dopran never does small scale, it’s all or nothing for her).

YouLeanMeUp will be blogging and IGing its way to a screen near you. India Morse is full of energy and the drive to succeed, you’ve been warned! She’s feisty and wont take discrimination or lack of consideration laying down.

Being Her continue their ascent as if they were born to it. If you don’t know them or haven’t been following these multi-talented ladies what are you waiting for? By the way check out Twinstitute BBC2 Wednesday 8.30pm. I did say they were multi-talented…


I’m signing off for now but I can guarantee 2019 will be fireworks! I will keep you posted, I promise.

Love you and leave you and until the next time my faithful readers, arrivederci.